What is “exponential” in Excel’s display format?

When you select “Exponential” as the Excel display format, the numbers in that cell are displayed in scientific notation (or exponential notation). Scientific notation is a convenient way to represent large or very small numbers, displaying the number as a power of 10.

For example, the number 3000000 would appear in scientific notation as 3.00E+06. This means 3.00 x 10^6 (i.e., the number 3.00 multiplied by 10 six times). Similarly, 0.000123 is displayed as “1.23E-04”. This means 1.23 x 10^-4 (i.e., the number 1.23 multiplied by 10 to the -4th power, or 10 divided four times).

This display format is often used in fields that frequently deal with large or very small numbers, such as physics and engineering.

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